DUZ Academic Publishers


The DUZ Magazine was established by professors and students in Göttingen and published its first edition in 1945. “DUZ” is short for “Deutsche Universitätszeitung”, in English it would be called the “German University Newspaper”, and stands for an independent, critical and solution-oriented focus on higher education. DUZ Academic Publishers continues the tradition through relevant, high-quality publishing and by retaining its name.


Who we are

DUZ Academic Publishers is located in Berlin and took over Raabe Academic Publishers (which was part of the Klett Group) in January 2016. We currently publish the well-known DUZ Magazine and other academic journals with a focus on higher education and culture.


What we do

In accordance with our motto, “sharing knowledge”, we cooperate with an extensive network of journalists and editors to support you efficiently in your daily work. It is important for us to provide you with both high-value information and hands-on advice, made accessible to you in magazines, journals, online libraries and our corporate publishing services.


Our core objectives

Service, independence, critical journalism, high-value content, solution orientated journalism and practical applicability are the goals we strive to achieve and will continue to in the future. They are also the reasons for the long-standing trust of our readers.

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